Zlila shafir

Ms shafir is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in Economics and Statistics, and has worked for 30 years in these fields. Throughout most of this period she had conducted economical analysis of large water enterprises. As well she has worked in tourism, agriculture, energy and resources and more. As part of her work Zlila had specialized in the development of unique computer software and in operative decision making processes based on various data.

For many years, and in parallel to her work, Zlila had studied various aspects of alternative medicine. During the last years she had specialized in the theory of numbers (Numerology), Bach flowers therapies, Tarot cards, and other methods of diagnosis and counseling. Pursuing these occupations, Zlila has thus succeeded in forming a bridge between the material world and the spiritual one.

Her work in numerology, combined with her knowledge of computer programming and scientific data processing has resulted in a revolutionary idea - the production of a personal book that includes analysis of characteristic traits and various periods in a person's life. The book further includes predictions for the period following its production.

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