Through the looking glass of Numerology
Your very own personal book

An important gift to yourself
An original birthday gift for your close friends

The more aware we are of ourselves and the
more we act in harmony with our inner nature,
the less effort we would have to invest in our actions
and the more successful we could become.
What does my Day of Birth signify?
What does my Month of Birth signify?
What is my Life Path and
what meaning does it have for me?
What information can be learned from my name?
What does the future hold for me?
    How can one make use of Numerology?
  • Analyze the skills and the character of people
  • Predict future events
  • Provide advice on career path
  • Provide advice on choice of life partners
  • Get to know your children
  • Traits with which you were born
  • Skills that you have acquired throughout life
  • Describe various phases in your life
  • A life mission to which you have been born
Based on our names and date of birth
the theory of numbers allows us to study
the traits with which we were born,
the skills which we have acquired throughout our life
and the goals for which we had been placed in the world.
You can learn about all of these through your own
personal book, a book that would be kept with you for a
long time, and which you would be able to consult as needed.
The analysis in the book is based on your name and date of birth.
You can also receive personal counseling on other subjects
such as career, interpersonal relations and more.
  •   Examples
    • Yoav Shafir